Printing Process

For many of our products you can choose between Digital- and Screen Printing:

In the case of digital printing, the printing file is sent straight to the printing machine and transferred to the print media. With the environmentally friendly, water-based dispersion inks, we achieve the highest light fastness in textile printing for outdoor products (rating 6-7 on the Blue Wool).

In screen printing each colour is particularly mixed. The environmentally friendly, water-based ink is transferred to the print media by a magnetic squeegee pushing the ink through a screen.

Minimum order quantities (MOQ)

Products MOQ in Digital Printing MOQ in Screen Printing
Portrait / Landscape Style Flags from 1 off from 5 off
Double Thickness Flags (portrait / landscape - same/ different image each side) from 1 off from 5 off
Bowflag® and Promotional Parasols from 1 off from 10 off
Textile Banners (portrait / landscape), all sides cut from 1 off from 15 off
Display Systems and Seating Units from 1 off from 15 off
Bunting from 1 off from 20 off
Textile Hand Wavers, Burgees, Small Flags from 1 off from 50 off

Note: The exact minimum order quantity can also be found when clicking the -button when entering the "quantity" on the product configuration page.