Print File Graphic Check

Vispronet® wants to ensure that your graphic will turn out the way you designed it. That's why we conduct an automated "standard graphic check" on all artwork submitted. This automated graphic check is free of charge and only checks certain criteria listed below. If your graphic meets these criteria it will immediately release for production. In case your graphic does not meet the checking criteria, Vispronet® will inform you per e-mail. You will then have the option to make changes to your graphic and resubmit it to us. Please consider this for the timeline of your project.

Alternatively we offer a "professional graphic check" (29,75 € incl. VAT. / 25,00 € excl. VAT.) which includes additional checking criteria and 15 minutes of design time by one of our experienced prepress designers . If further adjustments are necessary additional costs (20,83 € incl. VAT. / 17,50 € excl. VAT.) per graphic unit will apply. A detailed checking report will follow.

Download Graphic Check information here!

Comparison between free standard graphic checking and professional graphic checking>:

Note: compressed files such as ZIP or RAR are possible. Further formats are not accepted (e.g. PS, GIF, PNG, Microsoft Word).

Graphic Checking Criteria standard graphic check professional graphic check*
Ratio Was the graphic file submitted at a scale of 1:10?
Resolution Does the image resolution correspond to the information in the layout template?
Safety Lines Do the important parts of the image, including text & logos, fall within the safety line?
Bleed Does the graphic have enough bleed to meet our cutting and finishing requirements?
Colour Mode Is the graphic in a CMYK color mode?
Special Colours Are special colours such as PANTONE, HKS, RAL present in the graphic? Note: In digital printing a 100% colour reproduction is not possible.
ICC-Profile in pictures Is the standard profile for CMYK used? Is the standard profile "ISOcoated_v2_eci.icc" used? Are own ICC profiles used? Are all profiles embedded?
Fonts Are any fonts converted to outlines or embedded in the PDF?
Line /stroke strength Are the line widths in accordance with the information in the layout template?
Overprinting Is overprinting used in the graphic file?
Transparencies Does the graphic file contain transparencies?
Password Locked Is the graphics file locked by a password or other security feature?
Corrupt Data Has the artwork file been damaged or corrupted?
Unprintable Objects Is the graphic file free of unprintable objects, such as notes, comments, or form fields?
Spelling & Proofreading Errors Does the graphic contain any spelling, or grammatical errors?
Visual Checks Additional quality checks for blurryness or jagged edges.
Professional Review & Correction A professional designer will check the file and correct minor errors. with costs** incl. 15 Min. of graphics time by a designer, after that additional costs will apply**
  • Due to copyright reason don't submit fonts. Always convert fonts into outlines!
  • Costs for additional design time (1 graphic unit = 15 Min. and costs 20,83 € incl. VAT. / 17,50 € excl. VAT)