Print your beach flag brilliantly

Print your beach flag brilliantly

  • Inexpensive set: print & rod segments, incl. transport bag
  • Bowflag® in different shapes and sizes
  • NEW: Beach flags from environmentally friendly Multiflag® GREEN Plus
  • Great discounts even for small quantities
  • Design your beach flag online with free templates
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  • On request: overnight or express delivery

The Bowflag® also known as featherflag or beachflag belongs to the most popular promotional banners for public events. Quickly and easily assembled - our featherflags have an excellent stability and are always clearly visible due to their particular shape. Vispronet® provides beach flags in many different sizes and shapes, and three performance classes: Basic type - classical version; Select type - printable on both sides and used in windy conditions; Premium type - extra-large beach flag in extravagant shapes. All listed types are supplied with matching accessories.


Beachflag/Bowflag® - product information

Bowflag®, the Beachflags from Vispronet is an ideal advertising medium for indoor and outdoor areas. With unusual shapes, this special flag sets your company in the spotlight, even on windless days. These flag are known under many different names, such as beach flags, advertising sails or beach banners, they have one thing in common, they convince with their quick and easy assembly. This means that beach flags are the eye-catching companions at trade fairs, conferences or events. Benefit from our price offer starting already from 3 pieces!

10 beach flag shapes – from classic to extravagant

Design your Bowflag® with cool advertising slogans, brilliant product photos or simple company branding. We can print your design on ten different shapes in various sizes up to five meters high. Configure the shape of your choice and easily order the banners online.


Shape: drop

With the popular drop flag you can choose between the following features:
  • Hemstitch: printed flag material or single-coloured elastic band
  • Finish: single-layer (Basic) or double-layer (Basic and Select)
  • System height Basic: 110 to 430 cm, print heights: 80 to 360 cm
  • System height Select: 255 to 440 cm, print heights: 205 to 360 cm
  • Rod segments: aluminum and fiberglass (Basic) or exclusively fiberglass (Select)
Auswehende Segel

Shape: concave / convex / angled / straight

Combine the billowing sail shapes with these criteria:
  • Hemstitch: printed flag material or single-coloured elastic band
  • Finish: single or double layer
  • System heights Basic: 125 to 530 cm, print heights: 95 to 450 cm
  • System heights Select: 310 to 530 cm, print heights: 260 to 450 cm
  • Rod segments: aluminum and fiberglass or aluminum tube

Shape: razor / surfer

The following options are available for these eye-catching beach flag shapes:
  • Hemstitch: printed hemstitch made of flag material
  • Finish: single or double layer
  • System heights Razor: 255 to 485 cm, print heights: 205 to 405 cm
  • System heights surfer: 350 to 580 cm, print heights: 280 to 510 cm
  • Rod segments: aluminum and fiberglass (Razor), fiberglass and Y-segment made of steel (Surfer)

Shape: moon / crystal / dart

The extraordinary shapes with design protection offer these features:
  • Hemstitch: printed hemstitch made of flag material
  • Finish: single or double layer
  • System heights Moon: 450 to 580 cm, print heights: 380 to 510 cm
  • System heights Crystal: 240 to 490 cm, print heights: 200 to 440 cm
  • System heights dart: 220 to 450 cm, print heights: 180 to 400 cm
  • Rod segments: fiberglass and steel Y-segment

Incidentally, a Beachflag with a hemstitch made of printed flag material increases the advertising space by around ten percent.

3 Bowflag® variants made for your requirements

Order the right beach flags for your marketing concept online. The three different price classes offer the you the necessary leeway. From inexpensive to extraordinary, these products adapt perfectly to your needs.

Basic – proven and solid

This Bowflag®impresses with an excellent price-performance ratio. This means that this product also fits into a small advertising budget. The teardrop shape, as well as the billowing shapes with four different lower edges, are among the classics. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. With this single-layer version, the printed image appears mirror-inverted on the back. Complete it with a plain hemstitch made from inexpensive elastic band or enlarge your advertising space with a printed hemstitch made of flag material.

Select – safe and stable

This beach flag meets all high demands. In addition to the single-layer version, you can also choose a double-layer version. With double-sided printing , you double your advertising space. The eye-catching "Razor" shape complements drops and flowing shapes. The "Tube" variant made of preformed aluminum tubes offers even more stability for the system. It is available in a single-layer design for billowing advertising sails.
Bowflag® Select can be used for indoor and outdoor. With a suitable base element, they can defy wind speeds of up to 75 km / h.

Premium – special and eye-catching

Buy a real design piece! Four innovative designs ensure your special advertising presence. The “Surfer” model with its sporty contour will make you a real trendsetter. The "Moon", "Crystal" and "Dart" are spectacular beach flags with a protected design. Aluminum and fiberglass segments ensure perfectly tensioned prints in all four shapes, even in double-layer designs. Take advantage of the large advertising space including borderless printing. With a self-designed Bowflag® Premium you order a very special advertising material.

The perfect material for your beach flag

Vispronet® prints flags made of three different polyester fabrics with your motif in high-resolution and brilliant print quality.

Multiflag SE
Varioflag A
extra strong
ca. 110g/m² ca. 110 g/m² ca. 155 g/m²
shiny shiny matt shiny
hemmed cut hemmed
screen and digital printing screen and digital printing screen and digital printing
lightfastness 6-7 lightfastness 6-7 lightfastness 6-7
highest colour brilliance highest colour brilliance highest colour brilliance
print image visible up to 100% print image visible up to 100% print image visible up to 100%
good durability, standard quality 50% longer durability compared to standard quality 100% longer durability compared to standard quality

Secure hold with the right accessories

Special uses require different measures. Naturally, this also applies to the stability of your advertising beach flag.

Order the right base element online depending on the size of your beach flag and the planned location:
  • Smooth surface:
  • Base plate
  • Concrete base
  • Different cross feet
  • Soft ground:
  • Base dowels
  • Ground spikes
  • Water:
  • Floating base

You will also find various weights in our extensive range of accessories. With these products you can ensure a secure footing in the outdoor areas. There is also a large selection of bags and transport trolleys. This way you can easily transport and store your beach flags

Lastly, with various accessories you can complete your entire Bowflag® system. For instance, special brackets can be used for advertising sails in sizes XXS to S for attachment to the post of a folding tent or a table. In addition, ground hooks strengthen the securing of the cross and concrete bases. On the other hand, snow and sand extensions can help you to set up your beach flag on even very soft ground.

Further useful accessories and additional information on the use of base elements indoors and outdoors can be found in our brochure.

Beachflag/Bowflag® - inexpensive printing at Vispronet®

In our beach flag configurator you can easily design your dream flag online. You can benefit from the extensive selection of sizes and shapes. As a result, you will buy an individual advertising material made from brilliantly printed flag fabric. This way you can attract the interest of your customers with chosen design.

In retail

Design the print of your beach flag as a striking eye-catcher in front of your shop, in the pedestrian zone or shopping center! This way, new customers can quickly find their way to you and your offer

In gastronomy

Draw attention of the passers-by to your restaurant or café with a brilliantly printed Bowflag® Premium. With the help of this extravagant beach flag, your menu will surely become a hit.

For orientation

Place an individually printed drop flag at trade fairs, conferences or events. These flags act, for example, as a guide to a special event, mark your trade fair stand or a meeting point.

Benefit from the special Vispronet® advantages when you buy our products:

  • Favorable price range:
  • Print and rod segments
  • Including transport bag
  • Easy print change
  • Favorable price offer, starting from 3 pieces
  • On request: overnight or express delivery
  • Digital printing:
  • From 1 piece
  • High resolution print quality
  • Special colors at no extra charge
  • Screen printing:
  • From 10 pieces
  • Brilliant full colour or photo printing
  • PRICE ADVANTAGE: large quantities


How do I use Bowflag® outdoors or at the market?

In this case it is best to use a base. It offers optimal stability for your beachflag and prevents from tipping over.

How do I anchor the beachflag on soft ground or snow?

Ground dowels or ground spikes are useful for such surfaces. With snow or sand extension you can also optimize the position of your advertising sail. A ground spike stabilizer also prevents the beachflag from tipping sideways.

How do I additionally secure beachflags on smooth surfaces?

By weighing down the base element you also secure the position of the beachflag. For example weights that can be filled with water are suitable for this task. Plastic weights or weight plates can also be used.

How can I design a beachflag myself?

We provide our customers with layout templates for each product with an individual print. Tips and tricks for designing your Bowflag® can be found in our blog post. You can find support in terms of design in our blog post. Of course, we are also happy to take on this creative task for you. Feel free to contact us. Our graphic department will design your beachflags according to your personal wishes.

How do you get these flags to align in the wind?

In this case, we recommend base elements with a rotator. They make it easier for the beachflag to align in the wind with low friction.

What do I have to consider when setting up the Bowflag®?

You only need a few simple steps to set up your beachflag: unpack, put the rod segments together and carefully slide the entire rod into the prefabricated flag hemstitch. If it fits exactly, the upper end of the fiberglass rod should be at the reinforced end of the hemstitch. This will prevent the tip from puncturing through the fabric. Then use the loop on the lower edge of the print to tighten the flag on the pole. Lastly, place the end of the Bowflag® rod in the base element. This means that the beachflag is ready for use in less than three minutes saving you valuable time.

We offer clear assembly instructions in our YouTube channel. The link to the corresponding video can be found with the respective product.

Are beachflags washable?

The print of the beachflag can be washed in any household washing machine. To do this, pull the flag off the Bowflag® rod. Remove any solid parts to avoid damaging the flag fabric in the washing machine. Then select a wash cycle at 60 ° C and use a branded detergent. To dry, hang the Bowflag®print dripping wet or alternatively, place it on the rod again. The flag fabric can be carefully ironed for indoor use. Do not dry-clean the print! In this case we do not provide any guarantee for the colour fastness.

What can I do if the planned location of the beachflag cannot be reached by car?

Then our transport trolley will be your practical helper. You can easily transport your beachflags and other accessories from A to B.