Print Files

Artwork Templates

In order to create print data every product offers you free and printable layout templates. You can check these after finishing your order in your customer portal "My Account" "Upload center". Therefore please select the order number and position. Furthermore you can use the layout templates according to your configuration on the bottom left underneath the picture gallery on every product configuration-side.

On the first side of the layout template are all important configuration-characteristics summed up as well as a sketch of the product with design-tips.

Pleas use the on the second page shown template for creating your own graphics in a graphical software. Here you can place your own pictures and texts.

Please use the layout template without changing the format of the print files und place your design-elements within the marked area (blue contour). There are no corner marks, cutting marks or pressure control bars to be applied. Leave the separate layers within the data even with complex montages and change the layer effects into distinct layers.

Print File Set-up

Threw uploading your print files, you are confirming your design and simultaneously releasing it for verification. You get a test report for both, the free "standard graphic check" and the optional "professional graphic check". If the print files match with the Vispronet® demands, your order will be immediately confirmed to be printed.

Here you get detailed notes for Print File Set-up (digital- and screenprinting)!

Print File Transfer

You have multiple options to submit your print files to us:

  • Print file transfer per file-uploader

    To submit your print files fast and uncomplicated you can use the data upload area in the customer port "My Account". After finishing your order you can immediately change into the data upload area.

    Choose the "order number" followed by "position number" and upload your print files to your order. You don´t have to transmit your print files immediatly after finishing your order you can do this at a later point too. Please note that maximum size of the upload files is 1 GB only. Please do not send any Zip files.

  • Print file transfer per e-mail

    Do you have any problems uploading your print files? We also accept your print files via e-mail. In order to assign your print files correctly please state in the correspondence "order number" and "position number" in your email. Please note that only files of a maximum 7 MB can be received per email. Please do not send any Zip files.

  • Print file transfer per post

    If you want to send us a data medium, please consider, that your print files on CD, DVD or USB flash drive are delivered with the required resolution. Please note the "order number" as well as the "position number" on the CD,DVD or the USB flash drive, fill in the corresponding form and add it to your sending. Only then we can assure to safely assign your print files to their corresponding order and continue to the production. This is the only way to securely assign your print data to the corresponding purchase order and to ensure a fast processing. Please send your print files to the following address:

    • Standardní kontrola tiskových dat podporuje: *.pdf, *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.tif, *.tiff
    • Profesionální kontrola tiskových dat podporuje: *.pdf, *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.tif, *.tiff, *.ai, *.eps, *.cdr, *.psd, *.indd, *.qxd, *.bmp, *.fh, *.fh10, *.fh11
    • Vispronet®
    • Am Wiesengrund 2
    • 01917 Kamenz
    • Germany

Print File Graphic Check

Vispronet® conducts a comprehensive, free for all orders "standard graphic check" after which you will receive a detailed check report. The test criteria can be found in the table below. If the print file meets all requirements of Vispronet® the order is immediately released for processing.

If your print file does not meet the necessary requirements then you have the opportunity to improve and send it back to us for review again. Please note that the production and delivery time can be delayed.

Alternatively we can offer you fee-based "professional graphic check" (29,75 € incl. VAT / 25,00 € excl. VAT). With this check the Vispronet® graphic department looks closely at your print file, checks further criteria and makes adjustments in time range of up to 15 minutes. Increased costs per graphic unit are incurred for additional adjustments (1 graphic unit = 15 Min. 20,83 € incl. VAT / 17,50 € excl. VAT). Afterwards you will receive a detailed test report.

Here you get detailed notes for Print File Graphic Check!

Print File Storage

After successful completion of your order your print data will be saved at Vispronet® for 365 days! You can check at any time the current status and the history of your orders in the customer section "My Account" "My Orders".

To update a previously completed order simply click on "Re-order" in the order overview page.

Alternatively you have the option of selecting individual items in the order detail page by clicking on "Re-order". These two free services allow you to order the same products again within 365 days without having to return to print data again.

Saving to Wishlist

Use the "Wishlist” to save your configuration or design for 60 days from the last modification date. Before your data is deleted you will receive an automatic email reminder.

Please note that you can only save your data after you log-in.