Choose "Design now" to create easily and without any previous graphic knowledge your desired product. Numerous functions are available for you:

Colour change

Give your product the right color. Each design function offers you the possibility to choose the right colour and design:

  • Changing background colour:

    Select a background colour from the colour palette. Click on the desired colour to transfer it to the product. This function is not available for ready designed templates.

  • Colour change for images and text

    The image colour from the image database can be changed. To do so, click on the displayed colour directly on the image and select a different color from the colour palette.

    To change the text color, click the color displayed on the text.

Chcete-li změnit barvu textu, klikněte na zobrazenou barvu textu.



With the help of two magnifying glasses and you have the option to zoom in or out on the design. This way you can carry out detailed work and have a better overall overview with particularly large images. The scroll bars on the right and bottom edge allow you to move across the design page accordingly.



Use the layer function to position image and text elements forwards or backwards on the design surface. This offers you the effect of overlapping individual elements.

Positioning assistance


In order to achieve precise positioning of your image and text elements use the positioning aid "large" and "small". The respective grid can be switched on and off and is not printable.



With the help of copy function you have the possibility to duplicate individual image or text elements on the design surface.

Full screen


The selected image is placed on the product so that no unwanted white edges are created allowing also for possibility to edit the image further.

If necessary you can reduce the product view to reach all the tools on the screen. Please note the possible loss of quality after enlargement of your image. Check your image with the help of quality control levels.

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