Inflatable tent Air (edges with zips) - white

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Inflatable Tent - edges with zips - discription
  • mobile, inflatable tent for events, exhibitions and fairs
  • arches finished with zips
    Note: Suitable for use with side walls!
  • without continuous blower: noiseless operation, no permanent power supply necessary
  • compact transport size and low weight, low storage and transport costs
  • easy handling, easy to assemble and dismantle
  • tent material: hard-wearing polyester, grey
  • Scope of delivery: inflatable frame (grey) incl. pre-assembled D-rings at the legs of the tent posts to secure the tent outdoors, printed cover packed in a transport bag with handles
  • Measurements and weights (approx.):
    tent ground area total height pass height ø post weight (system)
    3 x 3 m   300 x 300 cm
    (9 m²)
    255 cm 190 cm 23 cm 10 kg
    4 x 4 m   400 x 400 cm
    (16 m²)
    310 cm 230 cm 30 cm 14 kg
    5 x 5 m   500 x 500 cm
    (25 m²)
    370 cm 245 cm 35 cm 20 kg
Inflatable tent - edges with zips - white cover without lamination
  • Material: polyester fabric Variotex® Z SE, without lamination
  • waterproof up to a water column of 2000 mm, seams rainproof
  • Note: Printed covers without lamination must be handled carefully to avoid scratches
Inflatable tent - edges with zips - white cover with lamination
  • Material: flame retardant polyester fabric Variotex® Z SE, with lamination, approx. 250 g/m2
  • additional protection due to a special protective lamination after printing:
    highest scratch resistance, dirt-repellent, especially long durability
  • waterproof up to 2000 mm waterproof, seams rainproof
  • Cleaning with a damp cloth is possible
Inflatable tent - edges with zips - Finish roof cover
  • Cover made of joined panels with bound edges, cover attached to the tent legs using zips, bottom edge additionally fitted with Velcro, each leg has a metal D-ring for fastening to the ground, arches also have sewn in zips to attach additional walls, Note: With this version a later installation of tent walls is possible!
  • When used outdoors, Inflatable tents must always be securely anchored to the ground. Additional ground hooks and water weights are available.
  • In case of heavy weather conditions (storm or thunderstorm), the tents must be dismantled.
  • A pump with suitable adapter is required for air filling! It is available as a separate accessory.
Inflatable tent - edges with zips - Accessories
  • Electrical air pump, 220 V/ 400 W
  • Water weight 12 l
  • Ground hooks
  • Tensioning kit