Hanging Display, S-bend

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Hanging Display, S-bend - Description
  • Three-dimensional ceiling display made of bent aluminum keder profile, silver anodised ø 30 mm
  • 4 point standard suspension or in BGV C1-compliant finish
  • Print one-sided, motif appears on the back as mirror image
  • Radiant colours with very good light fastness
  • Scope of Delivery: print incl. aluminum keder profiled and 4 point suspension (standard or BGV C1-compliant)
Hanging Display, S-bend - Size
  • Different standard sizes selectable
Hanging Display, S-bend - Finish
  • Side edges lined with double security seam, upper edge and lower edge with hemstitch made of flag material with piping (Ø 7 mm) to fit the keder profile
Hanging Display, S-bend - Material
  • Knitted polyester Multisol® X SE, ca. 200 g/m2
Hanging Display, S-bend - Accessories (optional)
  • Stainless steel cable
  • Wire sling rope with screw karabiner