Wall with door & window Basic / Select, single, in primary colours

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Wall with door in primary colours
  • Suitable addition for Pop Up Tents Basic and Select
  • Available in 4 primary colors: white, black, red, blue
  • Material: robust polyester fabric 420 D, ca. 180 g/m2
  • Tent fabric waterproof up to a water column of 1000 mm, seams rainproof
  • Finish: hemmed all around, upper edge with velcro for attachment to valance,sides with attachment loops and zipper, bottom with seam
  • lockable windows made of transparent, clear, tear-resistant window film, with roll-up cover made of tent material
  • Roll-up door made of tent material, opening and closing with two double zippers fitted on both sides
  • Sizes / variants:
Wall width Door-Window type Size each window (W x H) Size each door (W x H)
3 m   with 1 door left and 1 window 0,8 x 1,22 m 0,8 x 2,05 m
4,5 m with 1 door left and 2 windows 0,8 x 1,22 m 0,8 x 2,05 m
6 m with 1 door left and 3 windows 0,8 x 1,22 m 0,8 x 2,05 m
1 wall - different functions:
  • Connecting several walls with zippers - high wind and weather protection
  • Wall completely rollable, attachment with velcro under the valance
  • Zeltwand kann vertikal umgeschlagen und am Volant befestigt werden - Türfunktion
  • Tent wall can be folded vertically and attached to the valance - door function
  • Roll-up door, opening and closing with zippers
Wall with door & window in primary colours - Accessories (optional)
  • Transport bag for tent walls
  • Trolley bag
  • Guy sets
  • Base weights