Buy high quality flagpoles

Buy high quality flagpoles

  • Flagpole bestseller with TÜV and GS seal
  • Aluminum flagpoles in cylindrical, conical & elliptical shape
  • GRP flagpole - stable, light and weatherproof
  • Stainless steel flagpole in high quality and elegant look
  • Mobile flagpoles for even more flexibility

Are you planning big things in your company? We'll bring your flag all the way up! With a stationary flagpole you buy tested quality "Made in Germany". Place professionally your flags or banners in the spotlight. In addition to classic flagpoles with a solid foundation, mobile flagpoles offer new possibilities for changing locations indoors and outdoors. Discover the complete range of high quality Vispronet® flagpoles.

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You can find these and many other profitable offers in the large range of the online print shop Vispronet®.

Stationary flagpoles in durable quality

Stationäre Fahnenmasten

With a Vispronet® flagpole you can present flags with an individual message in an eye-catching and professional manner. These outstanding advertising media are ideal for areas in front of company or administrative buildings, on sports fields and on streets or in public places. This way, you can draw attention to your company and at the same time reach a wide audience. Our print shop will also be happy to supply you with brilliantly printed flags and banners.

  • Large selection for different budgets
  • Technical components as required
  • Extensive range of accessories and floor elements

Variety of materials - high quality and stability

For your new flagpoles there are 3 reliable materials available: aluminum, stainless steel and GRP. When making your decision, consider the future location and local wind conditions. Flagpoles are made of sturdy and durable steel.

Use up to wind force
Fahnenmast Aluminium
Flagpole aluminum
Flagpole made of aluminum
high quality
aluminum alloy
anodised silver
cylindrical, conical, elliptical
  • 5 – 10 m/cylindrical
  • 7 – 12 m/conical
  • 6 – 12 m/elliptical
  • up to  9 (max. 88 km/h), unflagged
  • up to  8 (max. 74 km/h), flagged
  • elliptical masts: wind zone 1 and 2, flagged (depending on height and mast diameter)
  • easy to transport due to its low weight
  • excellent price-performance ratio
Fahnenmast Edelstahl
Flagpole stainless steel
shiny metallic
cylindrical, conical
  • 6 – 9 m/cylindrical
  • 7 – 12 m/conical
  • up to  9 (max. 88 km/h), flagged
  • finely ground surface
  • corrosion resistant
Fahnenmast GFK
Flagpole GRP
Flagpole made of GRP
fiberglass reinforced
  • 7 – 12 m
  • up to 160 km/h, unflagged
  • easy to transport due to its low weight
  • corrosion resistant
hot-dip galvanized
metallic silver
  • 6 m
  • 7 m
  • up to  9 (max. 88 km/h), flagged
  • stable & resilient
  • wide range for banners
  • 12 m/breathable materials
  • 5 m/breathable materials

Flagpole shapes – from classic to elegant

The special shapes of the Vispronet ® flagpoles are characterized by specific features. Our easy flagpole configurator offers you various combinations of material and shape.

Cylindrical flagpole
  • aluminum, stainless steel
  • classic shape
  • constant diameter from bottom to mast head
Conical flagpole
  • aluminum, stainless steel, GRP, steel
  • elegant, tapering shape
  • decreasing diameter from bottom to mast head
Elliptical flagpole
  • aluminum
  • statically and aerodynamically optimized
  • completely rotatable mast (360°)

Our performance classes – technical equipment made to measure

By combining the various performance classes, depending on the type of flagpole, you will receive a product that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

  • Basic – the simple and inexpensive basic variant with external cable guide
  • Protect – with concealed guide line to protect the flag from theft
  • Lift – with built-in crank mechanism for easy flag hoisting
  • Extend – with presenter for fully unfolded flags even without wind

Quality masts in various designs

The online printing Vispronet® provides you with flagpoles with different equipment options. When making a purchase decision, always take into account local conditions, such as regional wind conditions. We also recommend an easy-to-use crank hoisting device for frequent flag changes.

Cable guide and hoisting device

Außenliegende Seilführung
External cable guide
  • the hoist cable runs along the outside of the mast
  • tension and lock of the hoisting cable with cleat
  • robust, easy to use
  • inexpensive variant
Innenliegende Seilführung
Internal cable guide
  • low-noise construction, cable does not hit the mast when windy
  • lockable door on the operating housing or safety bolt with locking bolt
  • professional theft protection
  • for permanent flagging
Standard hoisting device
  • external cable guide
  • hoisting the flag by hand
  • with pulley and cleat
  • inexpensive variant
Crank hoisting device
  • internal rope guide
  • easy and comfortable hoisting of the flag with crank
  • professional theft protection
  • various fixings e.g. lever lock or safety bolt with locking bolt
Fahnenmasten mit Ausleger

Flagpole with presenter

The ideal solution for flagging in regions with little wind is the flagpole with presenter. The flag is inserted onto a horizontal tube of the presenter and attached to the mast with the carabiners. placed below the top of the mast, the flag presenter guarantees you a maximum effect.

  • fully unfolded flag also without wind
  • constant presence of images and messages, as well as your corporate identity
  • maximum advertising effect even when there is no wind
  • high attention effect even from afar
Hoistable presenter
Non-hoistable presenter
Rotating presenter
Fixed presenter length
Telescopic presenter length
The flag is hoisted or lowered together with presenter.
The presenter is permanently installed on the mast head .
The mast head aligns with the wind.
The presenter length is determined for a certain flag width.
The presenter length is flexible due to individual segments that can be slid into one another.
Special feature
You save time-consuming lowering or tilting of the mast when changing flags.
A flag change requires the mast to be tilted or lowered.
Your flag doesn't wrap around the flagpole.
The flag width remains always the same as chosen.
Choose freely between flag widths from 100 to 160 cm.

With a special manufacture for flags with cantilevers a hollow hemstitch is attached to the top edge of the flag. The presenter is inserted through this hemstitch.

Mobile flagpoles give you flexibility

Mobile Fahnenmasten

If you are regularly out at events, trade fairs or other occasions, convince your audience with a mobile flagpole and the right flag. This way you can signal your location at any time and at the same time convince with your corporate identity. Use the versatile products for changing locations. A mast with blower, for example, is an interesting eye-catcher for new and innovative products in the showroom. The mobile masts from Vispronet® are made of silver anodized aluminum and do not require a structural foundation.

  • Light weight
  • Robustly made
  • Flexible location
Total height
Design type
Flag size
5,40 m
adjustable telescopic pole
  • Rotating presenter
  • Width 120 cm
  • 120 x 100 cm
(up to wind force 4)
  • Mobility with 4 fixed mast heights
6 m
adjustable telescopic pole
  • Rotating presenter
  • Width 120 cm
  • 120 x 100 cm
(up to wind force 4)
  • Flexible heights between 2,2 and 6 m
Fahnemast Economy
Flagpole Economy
Flagpole Economy
6,20 m
variable connector system
  • Without
  • Vertical format: 80 x 200 cm
  • Horizontal format: 150 x 100 cm
(up to wind force 5)
  • Best price, also ideal for garden and leisure use
Fahnenstange Economy
Flagpole Economy
Flagpole Economy
3 fixed sizes
S: 2,5 m, M: 3,5 m, L: 4,5 m
plug-in system with head springs
  • Rigid presenter:
  • 50 cm oder 80 cm
  • S: 80 x 180 cm
  • M: 80 x 250 cm
  • L: 80 x 350 cm
  • Simple assembly without tools
Blower mast
Blower mast
3,4 m one flagpole part
5,4 m two flagpole parts
cylindrical pole with fan
  • without
  • 80 x 220 cm
  • waving flags indoors

Suitable accessories

for stationary flagpoles

In addition to the proper location, a suitable base element ensures that the flagpole stands securely. This is already included in the delivery content for some of our products. Depending on the type of flagpole, you can also choose from other base elements, such as a fitting ground sleeve, centering sleeve, tilt bracket or adjustment sleeve.

In addition to the right base element, a structural foundation ensures the stability of your flagpole. You will find important information on this topic in our FAQ.

for mobile flagpoles

The choice of a suitable base is extremely important for the flexible use of a mobile flagpole. When ordering, take into account the planned location in indoor or outdoor area.

For smooth floors you will find all base elements incl. water-fillable weights or cross bar base in our offer. Use your mobile flagpole T-Pole® on soft ground outdoors, a drive-in sleeve is recommended.

We also have a large range of optional accessories and spare parts ready: snap hooks, flag guide rings, flag loops and lever locks as well as a large selection of other accessories for flagpoles.

Base elements, accessories and spare parts for your flagpole
Zentrierhülse für stationäre Fahnenmasten
Centering sleeve
  • for stationary flagpole
  • for conical and cylindrical pole shapes
  • different diameters
Centering sleeves for stationary flagpoles
Passform-Bodenhülse für stationäre Fahnenmasten
Fitting ground socket
  • for stationary flagpole
  • for cylindrical pole shape
  • different diameters
Fitting ground socket for stationary flagpoles
Kreuzfuß mit Rotator für mobile Fahnenmasten
Cross base with rotator
  • for flagpole economy
  • ø 100 cm/3,1 kg
  • foldable
Cross base with rotator for mobile flagpoles
Bodenplatte für mobile Fahnenmasten
Base plate
  • for flagpole Economy, T-Pole® 100 und 200
  • different sizes per pole type
Base plate for mobile flagpoles
wasserbefüllbarer Fuß für mobile Fahnenmasten
Water-fillable base
  • for flagpole Economy
  • Typ P3 with rotator
  • incl. bag and earth hooks
  • for indoor and outdoor (not in frosty weather)
water-fillable base for mobile flagpoles
wasserbefüllbarer Fuß 70 Liter für mobile Fahnenmasten
water-fillable base 70 l
  • for T-Pole® 100 und T-Pole® 200
  • 4-part, 80 x 80 x 20 cm
  • incl. bag
  • suitable for indoor and outdoor (not in frosty weather)
water-fillable base 70 liter for mobile flagpoles
Standfuß für mobile Fahnenmasten
  • for T-Pole® 100 und T-Pole® 200
  • 45 x 60 cm, ca. 4,5 kg
  • suitable for indoor and outdoor
  • always with weight, e.g. as a car foot
Base for mobile flagpoles
Standfuß Economy für mobile Fahnenmasten
Base Economy
  • for T-Pole® 100 and T-Pole® 200
  • 58 x 24 cm, ca. 3,3 kg
  • for suitable for indoor and outdoor
  • always with weight, e.g. as a car foot
Base Economy for mobile flagpoles
Einschlaghülse für mobile Fahnenmasten
Drive-in sleeve
  • for T-Pole® 100 and T-Pole® 200
  • Length: 40 cm, ca. 1,5 kg
  • for outdoor use
Drive-in sleeve for mobile flagpoles
Kreuzfuß mit Schlauchgewicht für mobile Fahnenmasten
Cross base with with fillable weight
  • for T-Pole® 100 and T-Pole® 200
  • 100 x 100 cm, ca. 3,3 kg
  • complete set with fillable weight, ca. 50 l, incl. bag
  • for indoor and outdoor use (not for use during frost)
Cross base with fillable weight for mobile flagpoles
Depothaken für Fahnenmasten
Depot hook
  • for all types of flagpoles
  • inexpensive set of 10
  • for attaching of fag to the flagpole
Depot hooksfor flagpoles
Karabinerhaken für Fahnenmasten
Snap hook
  • for all types of flagpoles
  • inexpensive set of 6
  • for attaching of flag to the flagpole
Snap hooks for flagpoles
Fahnenführungsringe für Fahnenmasten
Flag guide rings
  • for all flagpole types up ø 100 mm
  • inexpensive set of 6
  • holds the flag securely on the flagpole
Flag guide rings for flagpoles
Fahnenschlingen für Fahnenmasten
Flag loops
  • for flagpoles ø 75/90/100 mm
  • set: flag loops + flag tightening tape
  • holds the flag securely on the flagpole
Flag loops for flagpoles
Steckschloss für Fahnenmasten
Mortise lock
  • for flagpole K-Protect & K-Protect Extend
  • complete set
  • incl. 2 keys
Key lock for flagpoles
Hebelschloss für Fahnenmasten
Cam lock
  • for flagpole Protect & Protect Extend
  • complete set
  • incl. 2 keys
Lever lock for flagpoles
Entsperrstift für Fahnenmasten
Release pin for hand crank
  • for flagpole Lift and Lift Extend
  • easy locking & unlocking of the hand crank
Unlock pin for flagpoles
Kletterstoppgewicht für Fahnenmasten
Climbing stop weight
  • for all hoist flags
  • 13 cm x 6 cm, 400 g
  • soundproof without annoying rattling
  • prevents the flag from climbing on flagpole
climbing stop weight for flagpoles

You can find a complete overview of the accessories in our brochure for flagpoles .

Flag presenter

The practical flag presenter is a perfect and inexpensive alternative for flagpoles without a presenter. Buy a Presenter Basic or Select and always show your advertising fully unfolded, even without wind.

Flag width
bracket made of aluminum hollow profiles
concealed in the groove
120 or 150 cm
cylindrical flagpoles with external cable guides in the groove
flexible carbon fiber rod visible on the back of the flag
80/100/120/150 cm
stationary flagpoles

To use a flag presenter, your flag must be attached to the Vispronet® presenter for flags finished with a matching sleeve.

Flagpoles – Advertise decidedly with Vispronet®

Whether on streets and squares, in front of company buildings or public facilities, in stadiums or in the allotment garden - with flagpoles you can present your message from afar. This excellent investment gives your products and services even more visibility. Order flagpoles online Vispronet®.

In corporate advertising

Waving flags are the perfect attention magnet. The elegant movement of the flag signals constantly your company presence. This way, a favorably placed flagpole supports the effect of an advertising campaign, because company flags or individually designed advertising flags catch the eye from a great distance.

For representation

Present on public holidays, election days or on official occasions with aluminum flagpoles national flags and special flags. Possible locations for flagpoles are places in front of company headquarters, schools, town halls or other administrative buildings. With a representative outdoor flag you exhibit your special acknowledgment and or affiliation.

For the field of sports & hobbies

Due to height, flags on flagpoles reach a wide audience, for example in the event industry or in front of stadiums. But garden poles are also enjoying a growing popularity in the private sector. Hoist a pirate flag on the playground, your family crest or fan flag of your favorite club in the allotment garden.

Your special advantages with the online printing company Vispronet®:

  • Large variety of products
  • Volume discounts
  • Express & overnight shipping
  • Trusted Shop certification with buyer protection
  • Benefits for resellers and municipalities
  • Europe-wide shipping with many services


Where can the flagpole be placed?
  • Choose a clearly visible location for your flagpole.
  • Pay attention to overhead lines, buildings or other obstacles in the immediate vicinity. Also think of growing trees and shrubs. Waving flags have a longer lifespan.
  • Furthermore, the mast needs a sufficient distance in the tilting direction. Plan a generous radius with a free area for your project.
  • Erecting a stationary flagpole always requires a solid foundation. Make sure to inquire about the structural and static guidelines at the responsible building authority. These differ from community to community. Find out timely about your options.
    A professionally laid foundation does not necessarily have to be laid by a specialist. With a little craftsmanship, even the layman can do this. A foundation plan will assist you in this project. You will find this on every stationary flagpole.
What is a foundation plan?

Our foundation plans contain important information specifically tailored to each type of flagpole. Be sure to observe the respective information, because ground sockets and tilt brackets require different foundations. The right structural basis ensures the necessary stability of the flagpole. You can find the foundation plan on the product page of the selected flagpole.

What do I have to consider if I want to erect several flagpoles?

If there are several flagpoles, make sure there is enough space between them.

The rule of thumb is:
  • Without a bracket, 1,5 times the flag width, with a bracket 2 times the flag width plus 20 cm of the bracket width
  • If you plan at least three masts for a group, then you will achieve a harmonious picture.
  • Do not place the masts too close to the property line, as flags are not allowed to fly on private or public properties.
  • If the flagpoles are too close to buildings, they will not unfold properly in the slipstream.
How high does a flagpole have to be placed?

We recommend that you either place the flagpole at least 1 meter below the height of adjacent buildings or significantly higher. In addition, flags work best when the pole is about twice as high as the flag.

How big should the flag be?

Small flags are just as ineffective on a very large pole as large flags on a pole that is too small. Recommendations for the flag size can be found directly on the respective article page.

We generally recommend these rules of thumb:
  • Flags in horizontal format work best when the aspect ratio is 5: 3 or 3: 2. (Width to height).
  • The following applies to the flagpole: one third of the height of the pole corresponds to the selected length (width) of the flag.
  • Flags in vertical format take up about half the height of the mast.
  • Generally, the higher the flag, the more elegant the appearance.
  • In the case of banner flags, the bottom edge of the banner should end at least three meters above the ground.
Where can I find information on wind strength and wind zone in my region?

Information on the wind zones can be easily found in internet or by consulting your municipality.

Current information on wind strength in your region is made available on various service pages, for example oder